Eczema and Food Allergies

Eczema and Food Allergies

Eczema and food allergic reactions, the two are connected. I really feel very aggravated with the physicians I have seen in the previous concerning my son’s dermatitis. I was not provided all the info.

When a child has eczema they have a 10% chance of establishing allergies. I was not educated this, my kid currently has deadly allergies that contain peanuts, eggs, sesame as well as kiwi fruit. I was not warned that by having eczema Sam had a greater chance of establishing bronchial asthma as well as food allergies.

If I had been made aware that eczema and food allergic reactions were connected then I might have been extra ready and have actually kept him away from the major irritants.

Whilst on holiday I offered Sam humus (which has a high web content of sesame in it). My eldest boys favourite food was humus. After about half a hr Sam had a dermatitis flare up. Dermatitis flare ups are terrible to undergo.

Sam was trying to claw himself, getting really distressed and we were attempting to stop him. It was terrible. At this phase I did unknown that it was the humus that had triggered the flare – once again lack of information from the medical professionals.

Concerning 6 weeks later I remained in a grocery store as well as I had failed to remember Sam’s food I got hold of some humus and also bread and we fed him outside the supermarket. What happened next stunned us. It was the start of Sam’s allergies. But I could not aid but really feel cheated at the lack of info I was provided.